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Where Little Dreams Spark Big Adventures!

Welcome to Kid-Oh Inspiration Center

Kid-Oh is all about inspiring the young, Operating many different themes that revolve and focus on inspiration through education. Our center in the Pijp in Amsterdam offers workshops, summer camps, inspirational toy shop and themed events and birthdays all done in a beautiful and planned venue.

Educational Toys
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Summer camps
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Need financial support for Breakdance, Self-defence or Capoeira?

The Youth Fund

Sport & Culture pays contributions or tuitions.

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"I have never tried it before so

I think I should definitely be able to do that"

 - Astrid Lindgren

Our Inspirations

We operate many different themes that revolve and focus on inspiration through education.

Art Class


Through specially designed workshops in a well thought of surrounding we will inspire your children to understand better how our wonderful life and world operate.

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Birthdays & Events

Specially tailored events that will inspire your children. Think Pirates, Magic and unicorns, adventures and experiments! All with your peace of mind.


Special Events

Shows, workshops, collaborations, Events, galleries and much more. You can also rent the place! We love


Happy Kids

Vacation Camps

We offer the most exciting and diverse camps that will inspire your children.

Kids in Technology Class


Kid-Oh aims to create an inspirational atmosphere in a beautiful well planned and designed center.

We offer a wide range of possibilities for your child and yourself to find knowledge through inspiration.


A well planned venue fitted to keep your child safe and inspired.

Old Globe
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Step into our Kid-Oh's  photo section and witness the pure magic of childhood captured in every frame.

A kaleidoscope of laughter, learning, and boundless creativity awaits you. Explore the snapshots that paint a vibrant portrait of the extraordinary journey each child embarks upon within our nurturing environment.

"The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free"
- B.Spinoza

Alexa Young, Amstelveen

"Going to the Kid-Oh is like going on a magical adventure! I get to paint, play with science, and make new friends. I always leave with a big smile on my face!"

Eeerste Sweelinckstraat 21H, 1073CL, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Tel :     +31610019890

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