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Our Vision

Kid-Oh aims to create an inspirational atmosphere in a beautiful planned and designed center. Our center offers a wide range of possibilities for your child to find knowledge through inspiration.

Through specially designed workshops in a well thought of surrounding we shall inspire your children to understand better
how our wonderful life and world operate.


Our workshops all instructed by proffesionals provide magical and inspiring hours in many various themes.

Our shop offers sustainable and inspiring toys and devices
that will last and give your child an added factor of learning and exploration.


The tailor made birthdays and events we offer are a complete experience that will not only inspire but also save you the headache and hassle.


Our center offers a beautiful set up for small gatherings such as:
Yoga lessons, Pre-birth courses, breastfeeding seminars and any other activities and events.


The menu is sustained and healthy and will be served in
renewable and green cutlery and glassware.


Our play area aims to give your child the sense of adventure
and excitement with the focus on learning and being inspired.


Our central location was chosen in order to serve children and parents from all over Amsterdam.


Please feel free to drop by and see for yourself

"Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.”
-Leonardo Da Vinci

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