Xmas/New year Vacation-bookings are open 

Everyday is different!


Each day is themed and under this umbrella we fill your child's day
with inspiring and educational activities that will enhance their abilities, knowledge and inspiration.
We provide drinks, seasonal fruits and sunscreen.
The base of the camp is in our center and the surrounding parks.


Day schedule 
09:00 - Meeting and check in at Kid-Oh center 
09:30 - Theme day dress up 
10:00 - Outdoor trip 
10:30 - Fruits and drink break
11:00 - Outdoor activity 
12:30 - Return to center 
13:00 - Lunch 
13:30 - Rest and free play 
14:00 - Workshop 
15:00 - Fruit and drink break
15:30 - Themed day show 
16:30 - Day summary
17:00 - Check out and pick up end of day

Example Scientists Day schedule 
09:00 -Meeting and check in at Kid-Oh center
09:30 -Scientist dress up - gown + glasses
10:00 - Sarphati park trip -  
                finding treasures with metal detectors
                Nature samples collection 
10:30 - Fruits and drink break under a tree shade
11:00 -  Animal spotting with binoculars
                Microscope plant and rock sessions 
12:30 - Return to Kid-oh center 
13:00 - Lunch on a round large table 
13:30 - Rest or free play 
14:00 - Science workshop-telescopes and Galileo 
15:00 - Fruit and drinks break 
15:30 - Science show - volcano burst 
16:30 - Reflection the day with the kids 
17:00 - Check out and pick up by  parents/guardians.


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Monday - Arts and crafts 
Tuesday - Science and nature
Wednesday -
Music and movement 
Thursday - Life skills and circus
Friday -  
Fashion and floor is lava 

Our camps are strictly limited to small groups
so the kids get the maximum
attention and care.
You can book full days, separate days or the whole week,
all built for your ease and comfort.

Book fast to secure a place for your child.

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