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  • Is Kid-Oh center safe for children?
    Safety is our main priority!!! As parents ourselves we understand the need of the safety of the children. Our place is fire approved and designed for safety in every parameter possible regarding the sturcture, electricity, insurance and all other hazards. Safety is paramount and we think about it in every step we take.
  • Are the team memebers qualified and trained?
    Yes they are! All our educational staff have the relevant certificates and degrees.
  • Can I reschedule a booking?
    We understand that things can change and we allow rescheduling within a time frame of 24 hours in advance, this is due to the fact that we operate in small groups to achieve the best time and focus on your child and places are very limited and in very high demand. If you did miss the miss the 24 hour cancellation window - Don't worry ! We only ask you to contact us by email or phone and we shall reschedule together based on availability in the schedule. Camps are harder(we ask for 14 days in advance) to reschedule as we have limited spaces and a lot of staff, stocks and pre arrangements but contact us and we shall do our best to assist.
  • Does the gift card entitle me for everything in the center?
    Yes it does !!! You can use it for any activity or product we provide. Just contact us if you have any questions.
  • Does the plan program let me book classes on various dates?
    Yes it does!!! Flexibility especially with children is very important. Our plans and Memberships allow you the option to pick the dates and time that fits you most based on availiblty of course.
  • Can I refund a plan or booking?
    Yes you can! But this must done on a maximum 24 hours notice before the bookings of workshops or classes. For Camps we must be notified 14 days before. If you need to cancel after that time slot we offer a replacement date or service based on availability and with your consent. Our groups are very small and limited and therefore a short term cancellation can take someone else place and because of this we cannot offer a refund.
  • Are the Classes, Workshops and Vacation camps limited to small groups?"
    Yes they are, We believe in quality over quantity and we can achieve greater things for the children if they get the maximum from our educators and work in smaller groups.
  • Can I do Birthdays and Events at Kid-Oh center?
    Yes you can and we welcome you with open arms to do so. Have a look at our birthdays and events page or contact us for more information.
  • I have a probelm I cant solve through Kid-Oh website, What should I do?"
    Just contact us , we usually respond fast and we are here to help.
  • Does Kid-Oh have events for parents and adults as well?
    Yes we do, we believe in parent involvement and we offer a lot of activities for parents and caregivers. Follow our newsletter or social media to find out about all the events and activites we offer.
  • How can I know about coming events and classes?
    Simply join our newsletter or our social media, get updated in the website or just drop in and ask inside, we love our visitors.
  • What Languages are spoken at Kid-Oh ?
    Our instructors and staff provide the workshops and classes in Dutch and English, all suited to your childs needs, level and abilities. Some of our staff also speak Italian, Spanish, French and Hebrew. At Kid-oh we support children and parents in any possible way of communications that suits them the best.
  • Does Kid-Oh E-gift card apply for everything we offer?
    YES ! Our gift card applies to EVERYTHING we offer : gifts from the shop camps workshops coffee, drinks and cakes events and literally anyting we offer. Its a great gift to spoil someone you love.
  • Can we just come by for free play ? -YES! our cafe, shop and play are are always open.
    The only time we cant offer this service is when camps or special events are held. Follow our newletters and social media for dates and events

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